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Drs. Boreham and McNeill

Phoenix: Out of the Ashes and Into the Atomic Age

"The biological consequences of the Hiroshima atomic bomb have had a profound impact on our modern society. Everything from space travel to medicine and energy are regulated based on the damage caused by the bomb."

Dr. Boreham

"E=mc2 = Hiroshima and its people devastated. It was all about physics!"

Dr. McNeill

Register your class to follow Dr. Doug Boreham and Dr. Fiona McNeill, and McMaster University grad students as they embark on a high-impact experiential study of the short and long term impact of nuclear weapons testing and use, upon humans and the environment.

From May 1 to12, 2006, the McMaster group will be travelling to Hiroshima, Japan to visit critical sites where the nuclear bomb was detonated. Students will visit the Radiation Effects Research Foundation, a U.S.-based research lab that examines the health effects on survivors, and will attend lectures and demonstrations at the Hiroshima A-bomb Museum, the Peace Park, the A-Bomb Dome, and other locations near the bomb's hypo-centre. Testimonials from survivors will add the personal perspective of this historical event.

Upon their return, the McMaster professors and students will share their field experiences with the Senior Secondary School Science classes enrolled in this project. Secondary School students will choose tasks from the project site Areas of Focus to complete in their classes and will discuss related issues online with members of the McMaster group.

Join us for what will surely be a unique, lively and informative collaboration!

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This project runs from April 5, 2006 to August 31, 2006. Registration for this project is closed.

This project is suitable for students from Grade 11 to Grade 12.

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Posted: Thu Oct 5 08:46:57 2006

We have almost 100 teams registered to follow this year's Polar Science expedition, with a third of those classes now actively participating online! There is still time to register and get your team set up before we start receiving the weekly updates from the "Ice" team. Dr. Kanatous and his team are in New Zealand, waiting for the weather to clear to make the last leg of their journey to Antarctica. Register your class today!

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